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Agronomy is one of L’Avion Jaune core competences. Thanks to our ties with Cemagref and Maison de la Télédétection, and our teams’ involvement in research programmes, L’Avion Jaune has solid know-how in this sector and supplies multispectral data for a broad variety of applications, such as multitemporal monitoring of experimental plots, rapid phenotyping, mapping intra-plot variance, mapping vitality in different crop types, and detecting water stress. These techniques are used not only in agronomic applications but also in precision farming, which consists in adjusting farming methods in line with spatial variances within or between plots, and optimizing plot management economically and environmentally.

Precision viticulture

In the winegrowing sector, mapping intra-plot variability is especially relevant as knowledge of a plot’s heterogeneity can have an impact on winemaking techniques. In the Bordeaux wine region, highly reputed vineyards such as Margaux and Saint-Emilion call on L’Avion Jaune to draw up vegetation index maps on demand. In Languedoc-Roussillon, L’Avion Jaune supplied images for Oenoview, a precision viticulture product distributed by ICV (Institut Coopératif du Vin).

heterogene Intra-plot analysis

By taking into account the heterogeneity of a plot, accurate samples can be taken and the plot divided up into zones. This in turn enables inputs to be adjusted and optimized with the ultimate aim of raising yields.

Images taken at precise stages of growth can also provide the key to detecting the onset of disease, or water or nitrogen stress. Photography might also be required to assess the extent of damage done by frost or animals.

sol Soil condition

Images of farmland taken before crop growth provide an insight into soil condition or enable land to be divided into zones for targeted measurement in situ, or sampling.

Estimating biophysical parameters

Using a combination of multispectral images supplied by L’Avion Jaune and in-situ measurement, certain research teams assess biophysical parameter values, such as yield, biomass, or nitrogen stress or status, and use them to adjust certain farming operations. As a general rule, assessments have to be dynamic with monitoring throughout the growing cycle; the information they provide is only relative, but sufficient for detecting changes in key spatial gradients.

agriculture Experimental agronomy projects

Thanks to methods developed in the course of research projects carried out in collaboration with INRA and Cemagref, we are able to provide scientists with exploitable images and semi-automatic extractions of numerical index values in line with the experimental plan. This shortens the path between actual image acquisition and exploitation of the data by agronomists.

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