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Visible and infrared mosaics

Color-infrared (CIR) images made using the PIR, red and green spectral bands make it possible to distinguish between water, which is a strong absorber of near infrared, and vegetation, which reflects and appears in red on the image.

True-color image (RVB) Color-infrared image (CIR)
Extraction and vectorization of a wetted riverbed

Using the visible and infrared spectral bands, we can identify and automatically extract the wetted riverbed. It can then be vectorized and integrated into a GIS.

3D modeling of the riverbed

While river bank modeling calls for classic stereoscopic techniques, to model riverbeds we use advanced algorithms developed from recent scientific findings (Feurer, 2008). Mapping water depth is possible where the water is limpid and shallow.


By combining a water-depth map developed from our images and a map of water speeds measured in situ, we can produce a map of mesohabitats – the basis for an environmental impact study.

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