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Applications > Forests and natural environments

Remote sensing is an excellent tool for studying and characterizing forests. Aerial imagery provides an overall view of an environment that can be difficult to access. High-resolution imaging makes it possible to go beyond the limits of traditional indexing methods to carry out species surveys, assess damage, conduct textural analysis, etc.

forêt (Landes) Mapping vegetation cover

Photomaps provide a precise, up-to-date image of the extent and type of vegetation cover.

Photography might also be necessary for quantifying damage due to natural phenomena or parasites.

Multispectral imaging

Besides making it possible to calculate vegetation indices (NDVI, LAI), having access to additional spectral bands also enables us to differentiate between species or the state of plant health, or to identify the boundaries of wet areas. Generally speaking, imaging is no substitute for in-situ observation but is complementary and makes it possible to extend observation to areas difficult to access by teams on the ground.

mangrove (Guyane)

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