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L'Avion Jaune is committed to supplying not just photographs, but processed aerial images providing quantitative information for photo-interpretation and remote sensing.

An orthoimage is an image repositioned exactly in its geographical footprint using photogrammetry techniques They are commonly used in geographic information systems (GIS) and serve as the basis for photo-interpretation and remote sensing.

L'Avion Jaune has expertise covering the entire orthoimage production process, from flight planning and image acquisition right through to the delivery of orthorectified images, either individual or in mosaic form. We use the ERDAS LPS (Leica Photogrammetric Suite) software which guarantees accurate adjustment for camera distortion and relief to produce high-quality photomaps.

To visualize more than what is visible by the naked eye, we supply multispectral images. We are able to acquire images in several spectral bands, the classic band being the near-infrared at around λ=800nm which makes it possible to characterize vegetation more accurately than visible light.     learn more

Very High-Resolution imaging is one of L'Avion Jaune's specialties. Using specially designed autonomous aerial vehicles, or UAVs, and high-quality optical sensors, we are now capable of supplying image resolutions (pixel size on ground) of up to 1cm, which is highly relevant for certain research applications (environment, geology) or for industrial infrastructure surveillance.

Engineering services
We design UAV and sensor systems for aerial measurement.

We provide training in the use of UAV, image acquisition and image processing systems.



Georeferencing and image quality

The method used by L'Avion Jaune for rectifying images is based on ground control points (GPC). The accuracy of the final product is closely linked to the degree of accuracy of these reference points. The quality of the reference documents (BD ortho, scan25, etc.) is therefore one of the constraints at the outset of any project.

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