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Looking for innovative tools to fulfill high customer requirements, L’Avion Jaune develops its own systems by internal development and technology transfer from public research.

Multispectral sensor systems
Lightwheight imaging systems based on customized "prosumer" cameras have been developed at L’Avion Jaune. Sensor calibration, specific shooting setting and image postprocessing makes it possible to provide quality images for remote sensing. learn more ...

The L’Avion Jaune team can manage all stages of UAV production from the concept to the production of small series. Our main focus is on aerial imagery, where we deploy several types of operational field-proven designs. We also created successfully UAVs for in situ meteorological measurements. learn more ...

Multispectral instumented pods
L’Avion Jaune designs and assembles its own sensor clusters, which are suited for ultralight aircraft as well as for UAVs. These modules consist of photographic sensors, GPS, inertial system, anciliary navigation sensors and data logger. Our cameras are calibrated for geometric lens distortion and for radiometric sensitivity. Special attention is given to accurate shutter and navigation data synchronization (<50ms).

UAVs or ultralight manned aircrafts ?
As a service company, we are commited to deliver the best value for our customers according to all aspects of the project. From a technical point of view, the UAVs we operate and manned aircraft are often equivalent options. Legal/regulatory aspects can be prevalent: within areas with dense aerial traffic, manned aircrafts will be the only choice, whereas some prohibited or hazardous areas, as well as very low altitude, will call for UAVs. The cost aspect can favour either solution.

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