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L’Avion Jaune’s team has expertise in the design and production of autonomous aerial vehicles for aerial imaging and environmental measurement. Their strength lies in their ability to design UAVs which are optimized for specific missions by delving into their extensive pool of know-how and technology.

The autopilot system used for our fixed-wing UAVs is an in-house development. Besides the usual functionalities of stabilization and guidance, it enables precise flight trajectories, high-frequency recording of raw data from the navigation instruments, sensor management and recording of series flow (e.g. radiometric or weather sensors).

Altimum 4 -  4m flying wing
This combustion engine-powered UAV, specifically designed for distant missions, can carry a 4kg load and has a range of more than 100km. It has been used successfully in a number of projects, including one mission in Polynesia in 2010 when it reached an altitude of 4,000m. Download data sheet



"Low & slow" UAV
Thanks to its specially designed wing profile, this electric motor-driven UAV has the special capability of very slow flight. It is the ideal instrument for very high-resolution vertical photography (e.g. pixels of 1 or 2 cm).

Altimum 3e -  3m flying wing
This electric motor-driven UAV is capable of carrying a small multispectral sensor. Easy to transport and use, it was designed for precision farming and agronomy applications, but it can also be used for conventional imaging.


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