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February 2016 – First flights for TalVeg


September 2015 – A UAV LiDAR survey in Bolivia
A survey at the crossrads of Ecology and Archeology : for the French research agency CNRS, a team of L'Avion Jaune went to Bolovia to acquire highly accurate and dense LiDAR data over flood plains. The micro-topography in these areas is characterized by evenly spaced mounds. This kind of landscape can result from a combination of past human agriculture and the work of social insects or worms. They also represent a hope to combine agriculture and the conservation of biodiversity in floodable areas. A Fox8HD multirotor RPAS by OnyxStar in combination with the YellowScan ultralight LiDAR system were used for this challenging survey in hot and dusty environment.

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Technical and scientific journals


GIM: In the "Company's View" section of the international geomatics magazine (link)


De Lothar à Klaus : l'information géographique progresse: The cover story of SIG la Lettre in February 2009 dealt with the rapid assessment of the damage wrought by Cyclone Klaus (24 January 2009) by the National Forest Inventory (IFN). The images of the Pyrénées Orientales, Ariège and Aude départements were taken by L'Avion Jaune, on behalf of the IFN. (link)


Assessment of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Imagery for Quantitative Monitoring of Wheat Crop in Small Plots Lelong, C., Ph. Burger, G. Jubelin, B. Roux, S. Labbé and F. Baret, 2008. Sensors, 8, 3557-3585; DOI: 10.3390/s8053557 (link)


MNT issu de photographies par drone sur badlands Jacome, A., Puech, C., Raclot, D.,, Bailly, J.S.,, Roux, B., 2007. SAGEO 2007 – rencontres internationales Géomatique et Territoires (link)

An operational solution to acquire multispectral images with standard light cameras S. Labbé, B. Roux, A. Bégué, V. Lebourgeois et B. Mallavan 2007. Annual Conference of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society (link)


Photographies aériennes prises par drone et Modèle Numérique de Terrain Raclot, D., Puech, C., Mathys, N., Roux, B., Jacome, A., Asseline, J., Bailly, J.S. 2005. Géomorphologie : relief, processus, environnement, 1, 7-20 (link)


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