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About us

As a innovation based company, L’Avion Jaune makes strong investments in cutting edge techniques and in-house developments. Our commitment is to provide the best imaging services quality for demanding applications.

The team.
Our strength bases mainly on the skills and know-how of our team members:

Bruno Roux Marion Houlès Mikaël Jouanne Tristan Allouis Michel Assenbaum Michel Gavart


Corporate overview

Founded 2005 by three associates, L'Avion Jaune started as a development and service company based on UAV technology. Reality and opportunities made it evolve to a full aerial imagery service company using manned planes and helicopters as well as UAVs. Since the beginning, our commitment to fulfill high resolution and high quality radiometric requirements has fueled our research and development department.

Selected reference projects

Agronomy, vineyards : INRA (French national agency for agronomy), CIRAD (French research center on agriculture in developing countries), Chateau Margaux (one of the finest vineyards in the World).

Photogrammetry : EDF (the leading French power supply company), CEA (technological research agency on energy)

Forestry : DEAL Guyane (regional environment agency), IFN (national forestry survey), Trésor Regional Park in Guyane

Partnerships and memberships

  • UVS france., professionnal association of unmanned vehicle systems manufacturers and operators
  • SFPT, french association for photogrammetry and remote sensing
  • SME partner of Onera, the french aerospace labs

Research and Development

  • Yellowscan, a lightwheight LIDAR system suited for civilian drones    learn more
  • safety parachute systems for UAVs (ongoing)
  • UAV autopilot system with datalogging and payload management features (functional since 2009)
  • Multispectral data processing with correction of low altitude effects and lens/filter effects (functional since 2009)

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