Precision agronomy and agriculture are part of our core expertise at L’Avion Jaune. Thanks to our team’s involvement in research programmes, L’Avion Jaune possesses solid know-how in this field. We supply multispectral data for applications as varied as multi-temporal monitoring of experimental parcels, intra and inter-field variability mapping, vitality mapping for various crops and water stress sensing.


Covering more than 80,000 ha of vines every year, L’Avion Jaune has established itself as the number one provider of aerial images to the winegrowing sector in France. Since 2013, L’Avion Jaune and its partner Fruition Sciences have offered aerial imaging projects of particular utility and relevance to vineyard management, from temporally calibrated NDVI maps to row extraction enabling the impact of grass cover on the NDVI to be eliminated.

In winegrowing, these products are of particular interest in that they allow farming practices to be adjusted while taking into account the spatial variances within or between parcels. This helps optimize parcel management both economically and environmentally, whether harvest planning support, sampling strategy, yield estimates or optimized fertilization, etc.



Tree plantation management (whether olive, almond, apple, palm, rubber, coconut or cocoa trees) is a major challenge when it comes to reconciling productivity and sustainable development.

Here, L’Avion Jaune has developed technical solutions to help plantation managers preserve natural areas while optimizing the productivity of existing plantations.

In the producing countries in equatorial climates, where cloud cover prevents the use of satellite data, L’Avion Jaune has developed a solution based on the deployment of a flying wing that can map tens of thousands of hectares in a matter of hours. The acquired images not only provide a comprehensive view of a plantation but also enable bio-physical parameters down to the scale of single trees to be extracted. The data includes automatic tree counting, estimations of crown diameter, and the state of health of individual trees.

The deep-learning used to generate these tools is a revolutionary technique which can train a computer system to recognize shapes, for example. This endows the machine with artificial intelligence which has the capability of recognizing objects as would the human eye.

L’Avion Jaune has the capacity to develop tools based on this technology for plantation management.

Experimental agronomy projects

Thanks to methods developed in research projects conducted with the agronomy and agriculture research institutes INRA and IRSTEA, we are able to supply suitable imaging products and automatic statistical extractions integrated into a map of the experimental area. These tools enable multi-temporal monitoring of experimental parcels, rapid phenotyping and seedling density assessments, for example.

This shortens the path between actual image acquisition and exploitation of the data by agronomists.