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geologie drone
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Photogrammetry for geological research

Together with its partner Positics, L’Avion Jaune has built a Phase One iXU 1000 sensor into its M600 drone to produce very high-resolution 3D models of quarries. This photogrammetric data will enable the geological and mining research agency BRGM to study the

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Region occitanie littoral vu du ciel
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Region Occitanie: beautiful images with a purpose

Since 2018, L’Avion Jaune has regularly captured images that combine technical information and aesthetics. The Technical Services of Region Occitanie plan, monitor ongoing works, and inspect completed works in relation to numerous major infrastructure projects such as ports, railway stations,

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drone gabon

Drones to map individual palm trees

OLAM Gabon commissioned L’Avion Jaune to supply a drone capable of mapping its tens of thousands of hectares of palm tree plantations. The operation was successfully completed with the provision of a Boreal system and in-situ staff training.

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